Who is Tony Hadley? I’m A Celebrity Contestant Bio, Age, Wife, Family Info

Who is Tony Hadley? I’m A Celebrity Contestant Bio, Age, Wife, Family Info: Tony Hadley is a popular English pop singer-songwriter, who appears in popular TV show I’M A Celebrity as contestant. He is an actor and radio presenter, who first rose to fame in the 1980s as the lead singer of the new wave band Spandau Ballet. He has been characterized as a “top crooner” by the BBC and also well known for his right-wing political views, being described by journalist Andrew Pierce as “the Tories’ biggest celebrity backer”. Here you can get I’M Celebrity’s Tony Hadley bio and age info and also get information about his biography and biodata.

Who is Tony Hadley? I’m A Celebrity Contestant Bio, Age, Wife, Family Info

Who is Tony Hadley? I'm A Celebrity Contestant Bio, Age, Wife, Family Info
Tony Hadley Biography

Tony Hadley Bio and Age: Hadley was born on June 2, 1960 at Royal Free Hospital in the Hampstead area of Inner London. He has a sister, Lee, and a brother, Steve. His father worked as an electrical engineer for the Daily Mail, and his mother worked for the local health authority. He attended Dame Alice Owen’s Grammar School in Potters Bar, England in for primary education.

He is the father of five children: Thomas, Toni and Mackenzie with his first wife, Leonie Lawson, and Zara and Genevieve with Alison Evers.

Hadley split from Leonie in 2003, after twenty years of marriage. Hadley lives in Buckinghamshire with wife Alison and his youngest two children, Zara and Genevieve.

In 2007, he stated on the television show Loose Women. He is proud of his work ethic, which he claims was instilled into him from a young age by his parents, and he says he has never claimed benefits.

In 2006 Hadley became a co-owner of the Red Rat Craft Brewery, where he issued Hadley’s Golden Ale, Hadley’s Crazy Dog Stout, Hadley’s Gold and Hadley’s SB. The business closed in 2013, but Hadley went on to issue a golden lager in association with The Great Yorkshire Brewery.

Tony Hadley Biodata:

  • Name: Tony Hadley
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Born: June 2, 1960 (age 55)
  • From: Islington, United Kingdom
  • Music groups: Spandau Ballet, Band Aid (1984)
  • Children: Thomas Hadley, Genevieve Hadley, Zara Hadley, Toni Hadley, MacKenzie Hadley
  • Show: I’m A Celebrity
  • Nationality: British

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