The Emerging Mobile Learning Apps

One of the recent educational trends that will set a trademark in the coming years is the concept of Mobile Learning. Mobile Learning or m-Learning is that the learning process happens through smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. which are portable.

Why mobile learning?

Almost everyone owns a smartphone in the world, the statistical reports of the researches done in MBA Colleges in Hyderabad show that the number of mobile phones manufactured in the world almost equals to the number of inhabitants in this planet. It is smarter to incorporate the idea of learning through the means that are used by everyone. This way the educational sector also keeps up with the pace of the development of technology. If this did not convince your minds, you should know that a team of UNESCO runs a project to distribute educational content through SMS texts in Lahore, Pakistan. This is just one of the intricate ways that we can use the capability of mobile applications to deliver education to people. Because Education is awareness! Education is the development!

m-Learning for the Digital Natives

It would be ambitious to state that Mobile learning or m-Learning is a unique educational method but one of the ways through which students engage more with education and improve their learning process rather than just rote learning.

‘Digital natives’ are what they called who are exposed and use digital devices at their early age. Mobile learning apps come in handy for the students, especially children to perceive a small amount of information considering the fact that three in four children have access to the Internet on their electronic devices. Various software developers and students of MCA Course took this opportunity of the ever-growing rate of the usage of smartphones among the student community. They developed study materials and put them in applications so that children and students can use those applications on their smartphones.

The Positives

Apart from the fact that students can study on-the-go, here are some advantages of Mobile Learning or m-Learning from the views of Educational Experts.

Images: Students can relate and easily learn while viewing images. Psychological researches have proved that students engage more when pictures are involved in the learning process. This is one of the reasons why children had colourful textbooks up to a certain grade in schools.

Videos/Sound: Study materials include videos with sounds. Audio-Visual has a greater impact on the learning process of a student. Study apps include video lectures, podcast lectures which they can access at any point in time. There are a lot of colleges that have introduced study materials for the students of MCA Course that are accessible on their smartphones and tablets. Flexibility is yet another important feature when it comes to mobile learning. The student can decide on the time, and even when he/she does not have the peace of mind there isn’t any compulsion or forced to listen or watch those lectures. This way the students have a more inclination towards education and learning process increases at a faster rate.

Languages: Students now access to all the language because of numerous applications that are available on android and apple stores. Mobile Learning apps provide the students to learn new languages that will add up to the student’s resume and knowledge. There aren’t any eligibility criteria; a smartphone with access to the Internet is all a student needs these days.

Educational analysts believe that mobile learning is the future of Education which will be fully accessible when all the educational institutes understand the potential of Educational Technology and incorporate those in the educational curriculum like MBA Colleges in Hyderabad.

The Article is written by Anand VM.

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