Sunny Leone Manforce Condom Ad Video, Actor, Model, Hero Name Info

Sunny Leone Manforce Condom Ad Video, Actor, Model, Hero Name Info: Sunny Leone’s Manforce Condom advertisement has gone viral over internet and YouTube, and got thousand of views on YouTube and number of likes and comments on website. In this ad video, you see a model or actor sit with Popular and controversial Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Both are setting in the car and he is driving, and Sunny seduced him. We are sharing here information about name of Sunny Leone’s manforce condom ad actor and model featured in the ad, and you can also watch here the video of the advertisement.

Atul Anjan Wiki,Biography,Age Details| Sunny Leone Manforce Condom Ad Video, Actor, Model Info

Atul Anjan’s Statements on The Ad:

He said, “Whenever you switch on TV sets, you get to see a woman by the name of Sunny Leone, who has acted in porn films and has become heroine in (Bollywood) films…she has acted in porn films which cannot be seen for more than two minutes. Now her advertisement is being shown on TVs,” he had said during an event in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh.

He added, “The disgusting and dirty advertisement of condoms develops sexuality and ends sensibility…if such kind of advertisements continues to be aired on national TV and appear in newspapers, rape cases will increase and there is a need to put a check on them,”

Anjan said, “Porn star of the world Sunny Leone’s advertisements on condoms and the utterances by her is creating a very bad situation. Advertisements by such people should be banned on public and private channels. This can trigger rise in rape cases.”

Faced with backlash, he had to apologies for his comments but said he stood against those ads. He had said: “Ads should be sober, Sunny Leone’s ads are vulgar. I am not anti-condoms, but the language used in the ad is not right. Supporters of porn & Sunny Leone are raising objections, I apologies but I don’t stand for such ads.”

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