Marina Joyce‬ Bio, Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend Details

Marina Joyce‬ Bio, Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend Details: Marina Joyce is a popular YouTuber, who recently gone viral over internet and social media, after posting a bizarre video which many feared contained a secret plea for help. After popular beauty vlogger Marina Joyce posted some odd videos, many fans are worried that she may be in danger. Get here complete information about Marina Joyce Wiki and Biography, and many more details.

Marina Joyce‬ Bio, Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend Details

Marina Joyce Wiki and Biography
Marina Joyce Bio

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Marina Joyce Wiki and Biography: Marina Joyce is a 19 years old London-based fashion vlogger, who has over 600,000 subscribers, stirred concern after posting a clip titled “Date Outfit Ideas” in which she appeared to be disorientated and ill at ease. Fans claimed they could hear the message “help me” whispered and speculated she was being held against her own will. Joyce also appeared to have bruises on the backs of her arms in the clip.

After Joyce released her video, she asked her followers to meet her in east London at 6.30am on 3 August for a party. This sparked further concern with fans warning people not to attend and saying the police should go instead.

Joyce is now assuring fans that she is well and they do not need to worry. She said, “I’m TOTALLY fine guys, I am feeling very good today and it’s actually so heartwarming to see so many people care about me,” [Credited:]

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