Karisma Kapoor To Make Her Digital Debut With ALTBalajis MentalHood

Alt Balaji has recently announced his new web-series ‘Mantlehood’ which is based on an exciting journey of Motherhood. Directed by Karisma Kohli, in Manhattan, Karisma Kapoor is ready to do her digital debut with the role of a mentally mother Meera Sharma.

Raising children is an art. Some look at it with a very accurate science, but most of them are like lionesses who know best how to protect their cubs.

Karisma Kapoor To Make Her Digital Debut With ALTBalajis MentalHood

Various types of moms will be seen in this upcoming web-series of ALT Balaji, who maneuver their way through improper expectations to raise their children. Multi-tasking becomes a habit, and constant worry and gilt filling becomes part of their nature.

Karisma is also the mother of two children in real life. Karisma will play the role of Meera in this show, who is a mother of a small town and is trying to cross herself among the promising mothers of Mumbai. He knows that parenting is to keep the right balance, and finding the balance is the most difficult thing to do.

“I wanted to live with my family and children, but when I listened to this script, it was very interesting, this script was about today’s mother, and this story is very strong,” said Karisma, sharing more light on her character. Women of all ages, and especially the mothers, will feel attached to my role, this is something I am passing through now, young parents and older parents “mentally hung” Sector’m feeling connected. Take my character is based on today’s mother and as a human being, he believes in doing the right thing is real. I just finished shooting with his beloved co-stars. ”

“Mantlewood” is ready to be released later this year and we are certainly excited to see this series.

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