Kannada Actress Jayashree Ramaiah Found Dead

Kannada actress Jayashree Ramaiah passed on Monday at the Old Age and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore. His body was discovered swinging from the noose. It is being informed that Ramaiah has been experiencing gloom for quite a while, and his treatment was being done at Sandhya Kiran Ashram in Bangalore. The demise of Jayashree has endured a critical difficulty to the Kannada business.

Jayashree partook in season 3 of Bigg Boss Kannada. As indicated by reports, Jayashree was not getting a lot of work subsequent to partaking in demonstrating fair-mindedness, which was pitiful. He likewise referenced his nonattendance to his companions.

A year ago, Jayashree Ramaiah had educated about her downturn through a Facebook post. She had said that she was unable to battle despondency and needed a will. The entertainer further said that she is monetarily steady, however due to being tricked since youth, she went into melancholy.

Jayashree further uncovered that she felt lost. Jayashree said in the live meeting, ‘I’m not doing this for exposure. I’m not anticipating monetary assistance from Sudeep, sir, by the same token. I’m just expecting my demise since I can’t battle discouragement. ‘ Jayashree had said toward the finish of her live meeting that I am a losing lady who needs to kick the bucket. At the present time, I am just anticipating this. I’m not a decent young lady. If you don’t mind it would be ideal if you please give me the wish of death.

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