Is Vape Spitback Dangerous?

Sometimes when you are vaping, the e-cigarette device can spit a small amount of hot liquid through the coil to your mouth mid-puff. You will find this unpleasant whether you are a pro vaper or just starting out. This is called vape spitback.

Vape spitback usually happens when there is too much vape liquid in the middle of the coil. This means that the e-liquid will not be vaporized as it is supposed to, making it to pop out as the water content bubbles. The experience of having the e-liquid spit into your mouth is not a nice one and you can end up having nausea if the spitback persists. Your tank may also be rendered unusable.

There has been a continuous debate among vapers as to whether vape spitback is dangerous. At the moment, no harmful effects from vape spitback have been identified, but is it dangerous? In this article, we will lay bare the facts while offering a quick solution for fixing vape spitback.

Is spitback dangerous?

Vape spitback is not harmful at all. In fact, the only thing about it that can be termed harmful is the shock that results from the popping sound produced while puffing. A single drop of the e-liquid contains very low levels of nicotine. This can cause no harm to the vaper even if spitback occurs. Public Health England states that electronic cigarettes do not pose any risk of nicotine poisoning to users as long as they are used in the manner they are supposed to be.

The little risks associated with e-cigarettes have made companies like ePuffer experience massive growth in sales. Yes, sometimes the vaper might suffer a mild burn if the vape device is pointed toward the face as opposed to the mouth, but still, the damage is minimal.

How to prevent spitbacks occurrences

Below are some of the easiest ways you can stop vape spitback.

  1.         Flicking the tank

As stated above, when the center of the coil is saturated with e-liquid, spitback occurs. You can get rid of the excess vape juice in the tank by giving your tank short and sharp flicks downward. This way, the excess e-liquid is cleared from the center. It is advisable to do this at a sink or where you can access a tissues because the e-liquid can fly out of the mouthpiece while flicking.

Flicking can also be done when you have just replaced the coil or refilled the tank. If your vape device’s power is adjustable, then you can lower the power to heat the e-liquid slowly. This also prevents spitbacks from occurring.

  1.         Regulating airflow

The amount of airflow passing through your device will determine the quantity of the e-liquid drawn. The quantity drawn can determine whether a spitback occurs or not. When the airflow is reduced, more e-liquid is drawn through the wick. This helps to prevent spitbacks, but care should be taken not to saturate the coil with the e-liquid, which can also cause spitbacks.

  1.         Clearing excess e-liquid from the tank’s centre post

Sometimes, not all of the e-liquid that turns to vapor is inhaled. The vapor that is not inhaled typically condenses, returning back to the tank’s centre post. The condensed e-liquid can then run down to the centre of the coil. This can cause vape spitback. You can clean the centre part of the tank using a paper towel to help get rid of the condensed vapor.

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