Indian Su-30 MKI Intercepted Pakistani Aircraft – Read Full Story

An Antonov An-12 aircraft from Pakistan’s Karachi, airborne for Delhi, deviated from its scheduled path and entered the Indian airspace. It is being told that on Friday the Antonov-12 cargo plane started entering the non-official air route on behalf of Pakistan. Indian Air Defense System immediately intercepted the aircraft. After this, the Indian Air Force’s Sukhoi landed him in Jaipur. The pilot is being questioned.

Air Force officials say that an unidentified aircraft entered Indian Airspace at 3.15 pm in North Gujarat sector. The aircraft did not follow the authorized air traffic services (ATS) route and was not responding to the radio call of Indian control agencies. At this time, the ATS route is closed and the aircraft was intercepted and it was landed in Jaipur.

Indian Su-30 MKI Intercepted Pakistani Aircraft - Read Full Story
An-12 Intercepted by IAF

Officials say the Antonov-12 cargo plane was at an altitude of twenty-seven thousand feet in the Indian territory. During this time an attempt was made to contact him, but no reply was given. When two fighters of Sukhoi challenged, the pilot said that the Antonov-12 cargo aircraft came from Tbilisi (Georgia) for Delhi via Karachi. After this it was landed in Jaipur.

After landing, the security forces searched the plane. During this, he did not get any suspicious stuff. Pilot and crew members are being questioned as to why this happened.

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