After Vinta and Sandhya, Deepika Amin accuses Alok Nath of harassment

Deepika Amin become third woman, who accused Alok Nath, after Vinita Nanda and Deepika Amin. Via her social account, Deepika Amin says that Alok Nath’s drunken behaviour is an open secret. After Vinta Nanda and Sandhya Mridul, Deepika shared her story on her social media accounts.

Deepika and Alok Nath

Deepika Amin tweeted:

Deepika Amin shared on Facebook:

Deepika also shared, “This is an open secret in the industry. When actors sit around and chat, I’ve heard male actors say that women on set were upset with Alok Nath because he would knock on their doors at night. I wish some of these male actors would come forward.”

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