Is Vape Spitback Dangerous?

Sometimes when you are vaping, the e-cigarette device can spit a small amount of hot liquid through the coil to your mouth mid-puff. You will find this unpleasant whether you are a pro vaper or just starting out. This is called vape spitback. Vape spitback usually happens when there is too much vape liquid in the middle of… Read More »

Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

After working out for some time, you will develop a regular exercise regimen. That will be exciting and will make your workout easier. However, if you follow a given routine over time while working out, you may get into a fitness slump. It is therefore critical to switch up your workout routine after a period although the whole… Read More »

Rohit Sharma Slams 23rd ODI Century Against South Africa in WC19

Rohit Sharma scored his 23rd century in the World Cup against South Africa in the 2019 World Cup, giving a spectacular win to the Indian team. Africa is now consistently losing their three matches together. Rohit played a magnificent innings of 122 runs. Thanks to this century Rohit has also broken the record of 22 centuries by Sourav… Read More »

Bharat Movie: First Day Box Office Collection Report

Salman Khan’s movie India has made a huge amount on the first day at the box office. With the earning of his first day, Salman Khan has set a new record by breaking his record. The film ‘Prem Ratna Dhan Payo’ had a fantastic opening on the first day of 40.35 crores. But ‘India’ has earned 42.3 crores… Read More »

Karisma Kapoor To Make Her Digital Debut With ALTBalajis MentalHood

Alt Balaji has recently announced his new web-series ‘Mantlehood’ which is based on an exciting journey of Motherhood. Directed by Karisma Kohli, in Manhattan, Karisma Kapoor is ready to do her digital debut with the role of a mentally mother Meera Sharma. Raising children is an art. Some look at it with a very accurate science, but most… Read More »

Salman Khan Says He Want Children in His Life But Not Mother

There were reports that Salman Khan is thinking of becoming a father through serogesi like Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. In such a situation, the reaction of Salman Khan has come out on these reports. There were reports from the past few days that Salman Khan is also thinking about becoming a father through serogesi like Karan Johar… Read More »

Arjun Kapoor Accepts That He Should Marry Now Amid Wedding Rumors With Malaika Arora

There has been rumors about relationship and marriage between Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora, but now actor Arjun Kapoor has said that speculation about his marriage is natural, because his friends and friends are spending a happy married life. On the question of planning for marriage, Arjun said, “The kind of speculation that is made about… Read More »