New Guidelines Issued By Twitter During Ayodhya Decision

After the Supreme Court’s decision, social media website Twitter has released new guidelines for its users. Twitter has appealed to its users not to write or share anything that can hurt anyone’s feelings.


Twitter Guidelines

1. Whatever information you share should be strong. Do not share anything without strong information.

2. If you have any doubt about anything, then avoid sharing it. Do not cooperate in sharing wrong information. Think carefully about what you are sharing.

3. Follow the rules of Twitter. Our rules do not promote anything that can suppress the voice of the person in front. Twitter is strongly against promoting any kind of misinformation and doing so is against the rules.

4. If you see anything wrong on Twitter, then report against it. Tagging the official handles of Twitter to report will not be helpful. A better way to report is the option to get a report when you open that tweet.

5. To improve your experience on Twitter, after you there are options to unfollow, block accounts. Apart from this, you can also ban direct messages for your privacy.

Twitter says that in the hour of this big decision, it is taking all these steps to give maximum information to the people.

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