Nehha Pendse Introduces As New Anita Bhabhi In Bhabhi ji Ghar Par hain

The new Anita Bhabhi, otherwise known as Ghori Maam, in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai is being anticipated for quite a while. Presently, this holding up of the crowd is approaching its end. Since the section of new Anita Bhabhi can be any day now. Another promotion of ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’ has been delivered, in which Neha Pendse is seen making everybody insane with her executioner style.

Neha has likewise shared the new promotion delivered by the channel on her Instagram. The promotion highlights Neha in a hot red saree in which she looks flawless. It is found in the video that Neha is arriving in a territory sitting in a cart, and seeing them, everybody’s eyes are totally open. At the point when Neha comes before everybody while waving her sari’s pallu in Manmohan Tiwari’s face, everybody continues to take a gander at them. The new Anita Bhabhi is looking excellent; presently, it must be seen whether the crowd in the show will give them as much love as they did to Soumya Tandon.

Allow me to disclose to you that before Neha Pendse, this character was playing entertainer Soumya Tandon. Soumya worked in the chronic for quite a while and made her own particular way of life as Ghori Maam and Anita Bhabhi. Towards the finish of 2019, Soumya bid farewell to the show because of some close to home reasons. His fans were very baffled when he left. Since Soumya has just made an alternate picture and spot it in the crowd’s heart, this job will be very trying for Neha. We should check whether she will have the option to satisfy Soumya’s lack?

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