Lily May Mac Bio,Wiki,Age,Boyfriend,Date of Birth,Biography,Pictures| Australian Model

By | February 17, 2016

Lily May Mac Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Date of Birth, Biography, Pictures| Australian Model: Lily May Mac is an Australian Model, who has become the subject of abuse from teenage fans of K-Pop band EXO after one of the band’s member’s followed her on Instagram. According to Dailymail, the abuse started after Park Chanyeol, who is a member of Korean boy band EXO and its sub group EXO-K, followed Miss Mac’s Instagram account. Get here Lily May Mac wiki and biography and many more details about her.

Lily May Mac Bio,Wiki,Age,Boyfriend,Date of Birth,Biography,Pictures| Australian Model

Lily May Mac Bio, Lily May Mac Wiki, Lily May Mac Age, Lily May Mac Boyfriend, Lily May Mac Date of Birth, Lily May Mac Biography, Lily May Mac Pictures, Lily May Mac

Lily May Mac Bio

Lily May Mac Wiki and biography: Lily May Mac is a part Filipino, part Australian model who lives in Sydney and has a large social media following, especially on Instagram where she is followed by 1.5 million people.


Band member fans, who saw that Chanyeol followed the Australian model they started leaving comments on her pictures.

Fans of EXO, who are referred to as EXO-L, started calling the young woman a ‘b****’ and telling her she was ugly and disgusting.

Soon her Instagram account was flooded with comments, some from fans attacking her and others apologising for the actions of EXO-L. Others accused her of lying about not getting plastic surgery, called her ‘fake’.

One Instagram user wrote ‘F*** you Lily’ multiple times on one of the model’s photos. Others used transphobic slurs, with one anonymous account writing ‘theres like tons of t*****s out there who look like this t***** [sic].’

Lily May Mac Bio:

  • Name: Lily May Mac
  • Occupation: Australia
  • From: Sydney
  • Age: 21
  • Nationality: Australian

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