Who is Keith Sequeira’s Brother? Died

By | November 7, 2015

Who is Keith Sequeira‘s Brother? Died and Name: Suddenly popular Bigg Boss contestant Keith Sequeira has gone from the show because of family emergency. Actually, Bigg boss told the house that Keith’s brother has passed away so he have to go from the house from some days, may be 2-3 days. Name of his brother is Ian Sequeria. But it will be very hard time for him and his family. He will come in the show and God bless Keith’s brother soul. This news is also confirmed by his ex-wife Samyukta Singh.

Who is Keith Sequeira’s Brother? Died

Who is Keith Sequeira's Brother? Died

Who is Keith Sequeira’s Brother? Died

His Girlfriend Rochelle Rao will get sentimental but Keith will make her understand and leave. As soon as Keith left the house he was informed about the demise and we hear that he was deeply saddened. He kept some composure and left for Delhi immediately.

Keith may return to Bigg Boss 9 later on if or when he recovers from the shock of his brother’s death. Our sympathies go out to Keith and his family in this hard time.

We will come back with more stuff and news, till than, take care and stay blessed.

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