Indian Captain Virat Kohli Receives ICC Warning

Team India captain Virat Kohli now needs to be restrained on the cricket field for the next four months. Actually, he has been warned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for misbehaving during the match. This warning has been given to him for the match played against South Africa. Not only this, the ICC has also added a demerit point in Kohli’s account.

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Virat Kohli

Actually, the whole incident is related to the third T20 match, when captain Virat Kohli was batting. At the same time, when he ran to get runs, he deliberately hit his shoulder with South African seamer Buron Hendrix. The umpire warned on this and a ‘demerit’ score was added to his account.

What does the rule say

The ICC has its own code of conduct in which Kohli has been found guilty of Level 1. He has been found guilty of violating Article 2.12 of the ICC Code of Conduct. This article states that any player, if playing an international match, and during this period in any way, he would have made inappropriate physical contact with any player, staff member, umpire or any other person, irrespective of the audience. He will be found guilty.

Third “Demerit” points to Kohli

This is the third time Virat Kohli has got demerit points after the revised code came into force in September 2016. Earlier on 15 January 2018, he got one demerit point against South Africa itself and another demerit point during the World Cup match against Afghanistan on 22 June 2019. According to ICC rules, if a player gets four or more demerit points within 24 months, then they have to face suspension.

What if you got another demerit point

Kohli has already got three demerit points, in such a situation, if he gets one more demerit points then he may have to face a test or two ODI and ban for T20.

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